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In 2019 the West County Wastewater District was divided into voting wards, primarily because we were, as many other districts have been, under threat from a lawsuit from an attorney traveling throughout California.  The goal of dividing into voting districts was to ensure the racial population was equally distributed and thus represented by directors equally.  Gender was not considered. The 2010 consensus demographics and Latino surnames were among the factors used to determine ethnicity distribution.  This division was a result of work completed by a professional outside firm.


The voting districts are divided equally within a certain allowable variation of racial differences.  The total overall demographics from 2010 are:

Hispanic 38%

Non-Hispanic White 21%

Non-Hispanic Black 19%

Non-Hispanic Asian 19%

Other 3% 


Here is a link of a map to show the new voting ward #2.


Roughly voting ward #2 is West of Giant Highway and the railroad tracks, down south to the Shields-Reid park area and North to just below the Parchester neighborhood and crosses the railroad tracks along the Richmond Parkway along the City of Richmond and the City of San Pablo border and encompassing San Pablo by traveling on the West side of San Pablo Blvd to Road 20 crossing over Rumrill and traveling over to Parr Blvd.


The entire service area must work together as one entity because it is not possible to separate one neighborhood from another and the sewer system is an interconnected system.  If one part of the system is disrupted, it affects other parts of the sewer and we often have to divert sewage while emergency by-pass work is being done.  It is not possible to discriminate who uses our sewer system; we have no way of knowing who individually flushes a toilet.  Additionally, pipe replacement is determined by several factors, including age and pipe condition, the racial make-up of any community is not a factor in determining priority of pipe replacement.  The West County Wastewater District staff, under the direction and approval of the board of directors, ordered an extensive  professional study of our sewer pipes a couple of years ago and it was recently completed.  Based on that report the 240 miles of pipes within our service area have been assigned replacement priority and will be replaced based on that priority.

The entire board has received the professional report and has approved the priority set by that two-year inspection.


The West County Wastewater District is putting the finishing touches on a program and the board has voted to fund that program which will provide a financial grant per property up to 50% to replace or repair laterals if those laterals meet certain criteria.    

(illustration source:


What is a lateral?

'"A sewer lateral is the underground pipe that connects a residence or business to a main sewer line. Local governments often consider all or part of the sewer lateral to be the property and responsibility of the homeowner or business owner."         (,the%20homeowner%20or%20business%20owner.)

The expense will depend on whether a full replacement is needed or only a section repair and other factors such as length, depth, sidewalks, and trees.


If you would like more information please call the West County Wastewater District at 510 222-6700 and ask to be connected to someone who can answer your questions about our yet to be unveiled "PIPES" program. Please keep in mind with Covid-19 there will probably be a delay returning your call as many of our employees are working from home.

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