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Sherry Stanley


It has been my honor to represent the hard-working people served by the West County Wastewater District since 2016.  My commitment has not wavered and I have always taken the job seriously.  Vote for an intelligent and passionate woman who will continue the work to ask questions, do the research, and make clear-headed, well-reasoned, and carefully considered fair decisions for our whole district and our entire community.  A woman who will never forget her obligation to the ratepayers, the environment, and all the businesses and people served by the West County Wastewater District and the public service employees who help run it.


Being a Director is not about what I can get for myself or my neighborhood,
it is about how can I be of service to my entire community.
That, my community, is Public Service.
Stay safe,
Sherry Stanley


Ser Director no se trata de lo que puedo conseguir para mí o para mi vecindario, se trata de cómo puedo servir a toda mi comunidad. Esa, mi comunidad, es el Servicio Público.  

Mantente segura/seguro,

Sherry Stanley


Expanded discussion on the topics below can be found on my Issues page.


Your West County Wastewater District VOTE on

November 3rd will support:


1. Fair and reasonable sewer rates by reducing our energy costs and by creating more free green energy.

2. Fair union labor contracts for employees.

3. Black Lives Matter - Listening with empathy to our community and making changes to ensure our community knows their lives matter, has worth, and is valued.

4. Pandemic response & preparedness:   

For today: Protect our employees and the public by practicing safe pandemic protocols.

For the future: Protecting us into the future by working with the National Center for Disease Control and the California Department of Public Health to assist in consistently and scientifically analyzing wastewater as an early warning system against future public health threats. 

 Prepare for any possible emergencies.  Read more on my ISSUES page.

5.  Increase green energy production by trapping greenhouse gas emissions for renewable energy and increasing our solar energy collection.

6. Open and Transparent Board Activity which includes:

            A. Updating the company website for ease of use and understandability.

            B. Make it easy to find online all financial reports including the annual budget, capital improvement projects, funding for special projects, set aside monies for equipment, maintenance, replacement, and upgrades.

            C. Make the same information given to the directors by staff to read in preparation for the bi-monthly board meetings available online for the public's review.

7.  Implement an online Ratepayer Advisory Board to bring the public voice into the decision-making process.

8.  Foster community job growth via local hiring policies for contractors and employees and encouraging the use of apprenticeship programs to train future local workers through our new Planned Labor Agreement.

9. Focus on prudent fiscal management & recognizing our obligations to the future by planning and preparing today so the burdens are shared by all the generations who will benefit, rather than overburdening any one generation.

10. Improve community education, outreach, and engagement. What we do is important and interesting and we should share the opportunities for learning and/or careers with our community. 

11. Focus on keeping District technology current and responsible planning for future needs.

12. Focus on environmental responsibility and stewardship: Our responsibility to the future generations is acceptable at nothing less than 100%.

            A. Continue to work with our community stakeholders to build an expanded horizontal levee to protect our treatment plant, which is at sea level, and provide health equity to our community.  With the cooperation of other stakeholders, the levee will protect nearby communities and roadways and provide both a new habitat for wildlife and a new quality outdoor nature walk for our community. 

            B. Increase the capacity to store alternative energy so that no power outages will adversely affect our ability to collect and process sewage, thus protecting the Health and Safety of our community.

            C. Water recycling and re-purposing.

            D. Reduce our carbon footprint by 70+% by replacing our biosolids drying beds with new technology.

             E. Explore the use of biosolids to energy and creating a marketable byproduct.


Thank you very much for your VOTE,



Expanded discussion on the topics above can be found on my Issues page.

Still, have questions?  Contact me at or use the contact tab above.






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Stanley for Director
West County Wastewater District
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